WordPress censors GenderTrender. Gallus Mag responds

How Utterly despicable that you have done this word press, you weak pathetic morons !


4thWaveNow reached out to Gallus Mag of GenderTrender after WordPress dumped the site yesterday. In her most recent post, Gallus Mag  broke the full story of a Canadian MTF trans activist who has launched “human rights” complaints against a group of women’s salon workers who were unwilling to touch and wax male genitalia. GallusMag revealed other details about the activist’s prior social media activities, some of which pertained to underage girls.

GenderTrender’s importance as a groundbreaking investigative reporting outlet covering the excesses of transgender activism cannot be overestimated. The site has also served as an incubator and launching pad for many other bloggers and writers; 4thWaveNow’s founder counts herself among them. The loss of GenderTrender is a huge blow. It is also the latest casualty in a growing clash between–on one side, a loose coalition of feminists, parents, gay and lesbian people, detransitioners, free speech advocates, and many supporters; and…

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What Do Girl Guides UK, Extreme Porn, and BDSM Have In Common?

This !!


In my last post ‘Gender Whisperers’ I talked about transgender ideology permeating organizations, institutions and schools. One such organization, Girl Guides UK, has been infiltrated and, dare I say, infected with the silly notion that humans can change their sex. This unscientific notion has resulted in serious consequences for girls and women and nowhere is this more clear than Girl Guides.

Girl Guides, you would rightly assume, is for girls.

Not any more.

If you are in gender critical and/or radical feminist circles, you’ve probably heard that 2 women volunteers were removed for criticizing GG’s new and ‘inclusive’ transgender policy that allows boys to join and share personal intimate spaces with girls. The Girl Guides also state that they do not have to tell parents whether a biological male will be sharing personal and intimate spaces with their daughters.

Helen Watts was one of the women ‘removed.’


Girl Guides don’t…

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Protect women’s rights and spaces: Submission on the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill

writing by renee

1 March 2018
Submission on the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill

To the Governance and Administration Select Committee,

I am making this submission to the above committee as an individual. My submission is in response to the opening up of the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act (BDMRRA) for amendments through a Bill before the House.

My submission seeks to ensure that the BDMRRA is made consistent with Section 21(1a, 1m) of the Human Rights Act (HRA) 1993, which lists sex as well as sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation) as prohibited grounds for discrimination. My submission seeks to ensure that the BDMRRA is also made consistent with Section 19 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act and with the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), particularly Article 1, which reads:

For the purposes of the…

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